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Ever noticed…‏

…how many plot lines involve FISHING???  I mean what the ___?  And if there are any people shooting animals they are poachers or otherwise evil?  What does Trail, Inc. have against fish?  That they are relatively non-sympathetic targets for man’s domination?  Or that without fish, there wouldn’t be anything to write about??? Or is this part of a subliminal plot by the Christian Right that says fishing is the only truly virtuous pastime (Fishermen Apostles turned fishers of men…) But maybe I over-think this whole thing…  Now back to the story…


A smiling Bluegill (virtuous, remember) declares Rod Bassy a “Real Jerk.”  That’s fairly strong language, Mister… Especially in front of my impressionable Ward, Rusty.  So Rod Bassy is the “Fallen one” who has probably traded his soul for the life he now enjoys, giving him repeated opportunities to say, “In your face, Bluegill!” as he hoists another winning sack of fish…

And who knew that there was a fishing “community?”  Is this another special interest group that politicians will pander to? Boy this just keeps getting better and better!!

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