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That’s right Mark…‏

…do what they taught you back in J-school (outdoor writing, 201) …play to your subject’s vanities, that’s the door to all intrigue… Get him to talk about himself, surely there will be a nugget you can capture and print out of context…

I still love that Mark throws the old Leica 35mm camera around his neck.  While Rusty has moved onto cameras that have “memory cards,” Mark is slowly but surely working down his inventory of carefully stored and maintained Kodachrome 64 film… but he will have to start developing the pictures himself, even manufacturing his own chemicals as the world moves on without him…


I also love that “Mr. Bassy” resembles a prize-fighter.  That nose suggests that he has been in his share of scrapes- perhaps over right-to-fish altercations… note the sneer he offers up as he admits to having “heard about” Mark Trail…  As if his secret dream isn’t to actually be interviewed by the same and featured in “Woods and Wildlife” Magazine…

“Oh boy, you guys, we’re about to see a side of Mark we don’t usually see: Mark Trail, hard-hitting journalist! Rod Bassy is the king of the professional bass fishing circuit. Women want him; men want to be him. Mr Bassy, what’s the secret to your success? “Well, I’m a better fisherman than the others!” It seems that way! Well, I think I got what I came for, let me just take a few pictures of you in your stately home for the cover. This interview will appear in June’s Woods and Wildlife Magazine, and on our website at woodsandwildlifemagazine.biz just as soon as we can find someone who knows how to make a website.”

– it would seem that Josh (the Curmudgeon) and I are on the same page…


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