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Clueless thy name is TRAIL!‏

Ol’ Rod has met his match!  His carefully orchestrated and scripted existence- Enter Tournament- trash talk the competition- catch most fish- trash talk some more- promote the Rod Bassy Killer®- move on to next tournament- repeat, is slowly being unraveled by this seemingly unflappable (some would say obtuse) nature writer named Trail.

“Oh, yeah…  I heard of you…”

You’ll wish you never had, Rod…


INSIDE my VAN?  Are you SERIOUS?  The Rod Bassy PLEASURE MOBILE?  Do you think maybe he’s hiding something?  I am still betting on freeze-dried fish that he produces just in time for weigh-in…  But again, where’s RUSTY?  Must be with Bluegill.  And we’ve yet to meet Bassy’s Hench-man ‘Catfish…’  Do you suppose he’s called that because he lives underwater and chases fish into Rod’s boat?  The possibilities are endless!

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