I am speechless.  How could I not have anticipated that one???


I still like how mark removes the headrests from his vehicles (which have shoulder harnesses, so we know that they are of a post 60’s vintage…)

But, the effects of being raised in isolation continue to take their toll on Rusty as he offers up, “NEAT!” A word that is so “not-in” that it hasn’t even had a chance to come back around again…

And did Bluegill change his name legally?  Like ‘Cher’ or ‘Madonna,’ does he have but a single name on his Fishing License??

Heard of him?!?‏

“You know, Mark, you aren’t the only man I think about when I am alone with my <ahem> thoughts…”

As the great one (Carly Kubley) one said, “Smart fishermen take care of their rods…”


Note the qualification:  MAYBE Rusty will get to do some fishing HIMSELF…  Mark is already scheming about how he will break the poor lad’s spirit!