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Legal and Safe?‏

Just how many instances in the history of Bass Fishin’ can compare to two guys hatching and executing a diabolical plan to build an empire on a foundation of sand- one that only awaits the keen eye of a nature writer before all is revealed??  But seriously, once again we are focused on the small potatoes of catching more fish than anyone else- what of the abducting and holding against his will one Rusty Trail, the ultimate pawn in this whole story…


“We didn’t know Rod was cheating…”  Of course you didn’t, since you never got out of that cushy zero-gravity chair or out from under your “Tournament Official” shelter to see what was really going on… And really, what’s to become of Rod and Catfish? Do they take the offensive and try to rescue their now threatened empire?  Think of all the jobs Mark just cost in terms of Chinese labor, now that the “Rod Bassy Killer®” is no longer a force on the market…  Never mind the mortgage on the fancy co-op in the city… Rod will surely have to move to less opulent digs…

Yes, Mark, guys like Rod are the “exception…” and without you, they would continue to run rough-shod over the trusting landscape.  Well done!


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