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Well. That was Fast!‏

How exactly do “Tournament Officials examine” bass?  Is there a mobile lab on site?  Gene sequencing in a trailer?  One would think that a sample would have to go off to a heralded state college for such work… And what, exactly, marks a fish as having been “farm raised?”  Evidence of corn-cob pipe and overalls?


I love the sequence of expressions on Bluegill’s face… but wonder about the hair on the tournament official- it goes from combed back to tight afro in a wink, sort of a Tom Jones look…  And Bluegill’s hat is at least as happy as he is.  Rich, though?  Perhaps not.  Reminds me of the classic, “Norton, we’ll be millionaires!” from Jackie Gleason days… and good for Elrod to play this out, and not cut immediately back to Lost Forest for another round of sad, weepy, unfulfilled Cherry.  I can stand a few more days before Mark dashes her hope against the rocks of experience…

And where the heck is RUSTY?  Once again, the lad has managed to stay out of the frame-shot…  I worry about him…


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