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The evil “Rusty will never actually fish” theme continues!‏

Looks like Bluegill’s hat has settled down and returned to base… 04032013 hat  But now what of the future?  What of Rusty’s continued desire to wet a lure and land a lunker?  For students of the Trail milieu, we know full well that this was but another close call in a series of plots that begin with Rusty so excited and the prospect of “going fishing” he could pee, only to be denied again the chance to engage is said activity… Sort of like Lucy Van Pelt holding the football for Charlie Brown only to have her snatch it away as he drives his kicking leg forward, with Charlie Brown ending up on the ground, cloud of dust and a resounding “whump!” Yet he returns… no wiser for his disappointment.


Mark will return to see Bluegill only if Editor Bill Ellis sends him, so Rusty and Bluegill, don’t get your hopes up!  Now it’s time to return to Lost Forest to kiss the dog, the wife, recount lusty tales of farmed fish, light up lures and ambition gone bad…  No sign of Bassy or Catfish…  no headlines… no future scenes of Rusty being forced to testify for the prosecution at his own kidnapping trial… No public service message with Rusty’s face on a milk Carton… “Have you seen this boy?? He likes to fish…”


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