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Seriously.  You mean you haven’t put any distance between yourselves and the Molten Mess?  Well, you deserve to die.


And to the question “What has Rusty been up to all this time?” Realize that the elapsed time has been (including travel time from Lost Forest) about 3 days.  Or less.  We haven’t lost daylight during this race against flowing lava and exploding island, and the only implied overnight was between the time Mark and Cherry were greeted by the shirtless conch-blower and then seeing them pool-side when Mark’s phone rang with Abbey on the other end…

Oh how I pine,
For a decent story line.

4 thoughts on “KA-BRUMBLLE?

  1. Back to physics and explosions. If our heroic trio are close enough to be viewing that 100′ high cliff be blasted outward and upward to rain down upon their little boat, as this panel indicates, they would be mush because of the concussive force of the pressure wave.

    Remember those miles and miles of flattened forests around Mt. St. Helens? Same deal, except that over open water there are no declivities or geographic obstacles which might deflect or provide even minimal protection from the full force of the blast.


  2. And let’s not forget the ocean waves those blasts and falling cliffs would create, enough to swap the unseaworthy wooden dinghy in which they appear to be dangerously standing. Didn’t Mark tell Cal to “hit it” like a water skier on Saturday? This is no time to reflect on the wonders of nature and bad onomatopoeia.

  3. James Allen better wrap up our current caper quickly instead of consistently and casually using three panel spreads filled with verbose volcanic descriptives.
    C’mon we have to make it back to Lost Forest for the traditional Elrod-style Christmas Eve famiily gathering, no??

  4. “We’ve got to go!” Oh really? Is that new? Those three love to keep repeating themselves. Hah! Hah! Hah!

    “Oh no!” says Abbey. Now is THAT belated denial, or what?

    Heady stuff.

    Well, I want to know where in hell they actually are: Supposedly, they are side by side by side….sitting in a 12 foot dinghy. It looks more like they are spread out on a big sectional, watching a National Geographic presentation on wide-screen television.

    I’ve seen some pretty lame Trail Tales before, but this has to be near the top of the list. I reckon when your story has nowhere to go, then why not devote 7 weeks of your strip to explosions and things burning up?

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