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What’s this? Sympathy? Empathy?

Seems a bit strange coming out of Mark’s mouth, but yesterday he expressed sympathy over Cal’s lost helicopter, and today he’s telling Abbey he’s sorry about the fact that they didn’t get a “specimen” to prove her hypothesis about invasive species on the island!  But she’s got Mark as a witness, and a more impeachable source one could not possibly ask for!!

Mhmmm, like Yoda, I speak, on the day of Princess Leia’s passing 😦


Got new for you, Cal Ol’ buddy… those ants weren’t going anywhere anyway!  Not unless they hitched a ride on Abbey or Mark… which could well be the case!!  Now they will need to be quarantined for a month or so in order to ensure that they aren’t harboring any stowaways…

2 thoughts on “What’s this? Sympathy? Empathy?

  1. Right, Cal. Look on the sunny side.

    But notice there’s no mention by anyone of the poor, endangered Nihoa Finch and its progeny bravely attempting to avoid extinction, for which Agent Abbey scaled the cliffs way back in August en route to discovery of the invasive fire ants. That bird and its chicks no doubt got fried in the cataclysm on the”atoll,” but nary a tear is shed by the inhabitants of this little boat for their loss.

    And speaking of loss, just how the heck are Mark, Abbey and Cal going to make it back to terra firma?

  2. IF ONLY…
    Abbey: “…You and I both saw that ant mound!”

    Mark: “Sure, a giant ant mound YOU could have created before I even got here, Abbey! So now you want me to stooge for you when we get back, huh!? And for what reason…you bucking for a promotion, perhaps? Lead article in “Nature”? Guest of Honor at the next Invasive Species conference? Trying to put one over on your boss about why you avoided the taxpayer-paid conference you got sent to, so you could get some rays on a deserted tropical isle? Do you think I like getting used, Abbey? Every time I turn around, some yahoo wants me to come out to their far-away location to help extricate them from some mess THEY got themselves into, like one of these long and boring story lines. Meanwhile, my own life is a shambles: My boss is docking my pay for boats I’ve destroyed; my wife is fooling around because I’m never home; and I can’t remember the name of our adopted daughter, er, son. And I’m almost out of Brylcreem, too. SO THIS IS IT, ABBEY! WHEN I GET BACK, WE’RE DONE, AND YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN! SO WHY DON’T YOU JUST FIND ANOTHER COMIC STRIP TO HASSLE, LIKE ‘JUDGE PARKER’ OR ‘HI AND LOIS’? THEY COULD USE SOME EXCITEMENT!”

    Cal: “Mind if I tag along with you, Abbey? I think my story arc here is just about over. Well, I hope I last long enough to get a new helicopter….”

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