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Oh, c’mon now…

Like this can’t get any more strange…


Judging by panel two, Abby needs to go get her eyebrows done/dyed.  Never noticed this before, but her natural hair color appears to be jet-black… I guess I was never confronted with an eyes-only shot as we are today.  What other secrets does she have to reveal?  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “Oh, c’mon now…

  1. At first I was shocked by your (G-rated) nod towards the question of whether the carpet matches the drapes. But I now see that your commentary was influenced by the oh-so-tight close-up of Abbey’s longing eyes,and the far-too-suggestive “almost there” grasping of Mark & Abbey’s hands.

    We’re surely not supposed to be led to thinking Abbey is about to declare to Mark a breakthrough in the war on invasive species or her ideas for dealing with the inevitable insurance investigator’s inquiries into the demolished helicopter, are we? Putting today’s panel in the context of all the exposed skin, tight shirts and “accidental” grappling that this Hawaiian adventure has involved, and I would say the Charles Allen has something more on his mind here than just inSECTS or policy SECTions. (See what I did there?)

    Wow – my pulse is racing into this New Year, right along with the story line!

  2. Well, Mark is sure a flip-flopper. He was anything BUT touchy-feely in the cave. Not that I would accuse The Trailer of bigotry, and it can’t be hair coloring, though maybe Dennis did bring up an interesting backwards question: If not eyebrows, perhaps Abbey is a bottle blonde. Maybe Mark is ready for some variety.

    But does Mark really think he’s going to get lucky? If we keep Allen’s modus operandi in mind, then tomorrow we’ll see Abbey hold Mark’s hand to her face and declare that “Mark, you’re the brother I wish I had growing up” or “We’ll always have Fire Ants Island”, then rush off as Cherry calls out from the nearby pool area “Mark! Is that hussy gone, yet? How come you keep falling on top of other women, by the way? And how come your clothes are still neat and clean? Exactly WHAT erupted on that island, I’d like to know…!”

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