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Oh look, Mark is hurt now…

OK, he’s new at the comedy thing, and it shows.  So lighten up, dude.  I’m pretty sure that Bill Ellis knows that you didn’t blow up an island…


My wife?  huh?  Really?  You mean you don’t have an assignment for me.. like right now?  C’mon, Bill you’ve always come through for me in the past…

Speaking of assignments, I wonder whether Mark is actually on the payroll of Woods and Wildlife Magazine or if he is a “contractor…”  Considering he ONLY writes for W&W, that Bill Ellis gives him work direction, reimburses all expenses, he had better be, otherwise Ol’ W&W or its parent company could be in a lot of deep water and have some withholding tax to pay…  like 60 years’ worth!

One thought on “Oh look, Mark is hurt now…

  1. Here’s a five line explanation for anyone new to the strip to discover what’s been happening for the past six months.
    Hope everyone is prepared for the next equally lengthy, excitement-filled installment!
    Until then, Bill Ellis seems satisfied to let his writer enjoy his proverbial tropical vacation on the beach with umbrella drinks–who writes this stuff?!

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