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Wait a second…

To his friends he’s still “Dirty,” but to the authorities he’s “Mr. Smith?” And how’d he come by that fake passport?  Such intrigue!  A regular James Bond!  Although James Bond never felt the need to have an alias…  He was always Bond… James Bond.


And I am a bit confused… doesn’t one clear customs upon arrival and not departure?  Oh, well…  In these days of extreme vetting, I guess anything is possible…

This story does cause me to wonder about the field of opportunity that lies with all the people that Mark has “wronged” in the name of doing “right.”  They do their time in jail, pay their debt, and then what?   What do they have to do?  What have they been stewing about for months other than to get back at the one who took them down!  Interesting!

6 thoughts on “Wait a second…

  1. Dennis, yep. I was curious about the passport control for exiting a country, too. Maybe…if this was the Soviet Union. Certainly, Allen could have come up with a better technique for having Dirty start revealing his plans.

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