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Random, thy name is Allen…

I’ll borrow from a comment made recently regarding how many random inputs are being offered up to the readers of this strip.  Now we have a couple of nogoodnicks transferring loot into a minivan in a seedy, tenderloin-like district of Rapid City, SD.  We are being asked to track on fractals… with seemingly no hope of tying off any of these threads, too many now to even name.


And who in the Hell is “Billy?” Was he left for dead, is he able to talk and give up the caper, of which these two are so proud?  What exactly is Mark Trail going to walk into this time??  And how cute is it that the featured species is mommy and daddy rat and their brood?

6 thoughts on “Random, thy name is Allen…

  1. I knew all that explication would lead to something truly worthwhile, even if only by lulling us into a sense of languid inattention. Strap on your seat belts, folks. The acceleration in the plot is going to be crushing! I can hardly wait to see how Mr. Allen brings this all together in a neatly tied conclusion in the Dakota wildlands with a face-off with Dirty and this gang of criminal cohorts – whilst saving the ferrets and prairie dogs for posterity.

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