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What’s that little tyke doing?

I was about to blow off today’s installment, given that it’s another do-nothing, go-nowhere piece, but then I noticed the little mountain lion cub getting all frisky in the lower right, lashing out and the “JAMES ALLEN” Orb.  Something I think we all would like to do…


And it’s now clear that Jimmy and Sarita need to join the 21st Century (Hell, Mark has…) and get themselves a cell phone…  and that the lines went out in South Dakota, not necessarily Lost Forest.  One has to also wonder how Cherry’s conversation with the FBI went!

2 thoughts on “What’s that little tyke doing?

  1. I like that comment about the cub and the signature ball. I hope Allen did that on purpose!

    Anyway, cell phone, schmell phone. What phone service would run telephone lines out into the middle of nowhere? Or is this supposedly isolated cabin actually just a mile off some main highway into town?

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