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To the untrained eye…

It might seem that James Allen, keeper of the Trail flame, relies on copies of previous images to keep his panels full of expressions…


And certainly, if one compares the first panels of yesterday’s and today’s installments, there seems to be evidence of that…


But look at the mouth.  Ever so slightly different…  so it would seem that he might start with a basic outline or template and then fills in the shading and the details?  Otherwise I would image we might be looking at faces that are nigh-on unrecognizable…  The way that Rusty and Cherry sometimes appear and you’d swear they were new characters!

But the story?  Rock salt?  I guess it’s a real thing, although not recommended by this fella…  He prefers more lethal rounds for home protection!  Castle Doctrine, anyone?

Anyway, the Sheriff sure seems to think it’s funny!!


4 thoughts on “To the untrained eye…

  1. This story line is tedious and weird, and kind of sick. Laughing about an elderly confused man getting shot?

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