Mark! Long time no see!

Wow… we have to go all the way back to the end of July before we find a daily featuring Mark…  I literally forgot what he looks like… that’s over three months!  The old measure, “Mean Time to Lost Forest” (the average time it took to play out an entire story arc) typically took less time than that!  And what is typical for today’s Trail, the sun doesn’t set on the characters… ever!


And would you refer to your “old Friend” as “Professor?”  Did “The Professor” on Gilligan’s Island have a name?


I guess he did… Although I would never have known that without the help of Das Google!

Butter knives?

I guess I just don’t know all there is to know about gang/biker weaponry…


Are these the equivalent of Ninja throwing stars?  Does Raul plan to carve Rusty and Mara into little pieces?  It’s clear now (for the hot second) that Raul is no “friend” of Mark Trail… and that his facial hair and wardrobe choices are putting him into the “Bad Guy” bucket…

What an odd split-screen for the second and third panel…

The Final Option?

Hard to know who’s the bad guy here… everyone seems mighty suspicious!


So as Rusty and Mara go through the wall (down the rabbit hole??) Raul is stumped.


But he takes on a special glee at the notion of luring Mark Trail into the picture…  Now remember, gang, we have been lumber through the daily strip for months now, but it’s only been an hour or two since the kids left the dig site with Joe/Jose…  I mean Mark and Cherry wouldn’t even have had time to, uhmmm, well, you know… OK, Ick.  Sorry.

James, are you even paying attention to your own storyline?

Sometime the lack of continuity is simply irritating…


Yesterday we ended with a panel showing Raul with a shit-eating-grin, and today we start off with a panicked look, with Raul on the “phone” with “Jose” who, wonder of wonders, is awake:


Never mind (again) that the two communications platforms hail from different eras, that it’s quite unlikely that a cell phone can “talk” to a CB/Shortwave/HAM radio… And never mind that the center panel is plucked, pixel for pixel, stroke for stroke, from a previous strip (I think we call that <fair> re-use…) I am left to wonder again when the syndicate is going to yank the plug on this brain-dead future corpse of a “feature” strip.