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Do we even care about this guy?

Thankfully we are provided a little summary to open this installment… Otherwise we’d be asking the question, “What are we doing again?”


And what are we looking at in the middle frame?  Boot Bracelets?  Is that a thing?  In a world where Raul could just as easily climb down to the street level, this kind of “action” is reminiscent of a “Die Hard” movie…  Pick your poison- they are all extremely watchable, but clearly John McClane takes a beating every time just for beating’s sake…  to burnish his “hero” status.  This guy, Raul, is just an idiot.


One thought on “Do we even care about this guy?

  1. Well, as the two buildings appear to be about the same height, it is optimistic of Raul to simply jump using a seemingly short run-up. I wager the result will be:
    Panel One: Back view of Raul falling towards the other building, but clearly below its top
    Panel Two: Extreme closeup of two hands crashing and grabbing the top ledge
    Panel Three: Closeup of Raul’s face in extreme agony as he tries to hang on: “UNGH!!”

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