OK, you can go home now…

What an idiot!  Why don’t you just stick your tongue out and have a taste??


Rarely is it a good idea to immediately follow up “What in the world is that!?” with the immediate use of the touch or taste sense…  Besides, Leola, do you smell with your finger??

When in doubt, introduce a strange sound…

In case you all haven’t noticed, I am choosing to let the plot line (or what passes for one) simmer before I weigh in…  As futile as it would be to ram heads (see below) I am continuing to post, just not as often…


The “map?”  You mean the drawing that is representative of some vague geographic features, now being mistaken for a detailed and trustworthy topographic treatment of the area?


Doc, please… that was decades ago, old man.  Although as memory issues start to creep in, it’s often the case that the oldest memories burn brightest while you try to remember what you had for breakfast an hour ago…  And while Mark and Leola are keeping their own counsel (snickering??) is looks like JJ is reading the Sunday sports page.


It’s Doc blowing his nose!  What?!

Well, that explains it!

Penniless and bitter?  Who wouldn’t want to emulate that?  Or at least avenge that fate?  I guess JJ took a lesson from history and appears to be making a living off the suckers with the same dreams of getting rich quick!


I wonder who actually offered JJ sympathy… certainly not Mark, who is probably still sullen and distant.

Speaking of gold, if you haven’t watched the Netflix offering “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” I heartily recommend it…  It’s an anthology of six short films, one of which features a prospector and the process that he uses to actually find gold.  I found that fascinating.  It’s Coen Brothers, too, so that alone makes it worth a watch.

Man… Mark sure looks peeved!

What does Mark have against JJ?  This is not the first withering glance he has delivered…


Now DOC is getting in on the Mark Trail as Cliff Clavin routine… “They, ah, might look like pigs, but they are actually NAUGHT related…”


Well, JJ, your math is fairly accurate at today’s spot price of $1,275 /oz…  as Mark continues to circle him like the Legion of Doom…


Hold on thar, desperado… who ever talked about YOU being cut in on the deal…  You are a contractor, not a principal…