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Thank you for sparing us…

…the multiple potential strips showing the outside of an airplane with voice bubbles coming out of it…


…and the fact that this is a 3 day journey with multiple stops, Marks looks pretty fresh…


Don’t you mean flights?  With an ‘s’?   Nice pink shirt, Trail.  Love the sign calling for ‘Mark Trail…’  I mean, isn’t he famous?  Wouldn’t anyone recognize him?  Did Mark not know with whom or on what he was going to make a move once he landed in Kathmandu?



Of course there is the cute-as-a-bug Assistant.  She Looks like a ‘Becky’ but I guess we’ll call her ‘Genie.’  Because that’s her name.  And apparently, one gets to Tumlingtar on YETI Airlines!  How Appropriate!



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