“Father” Knows Best

With Rusty and Cherry holding down the ‘Fretful’ end of the spectrum, Mark feels compelled to dismiss their concerns…


I mean, aren’t we going to go look?  Aren’t we going to put the word out?  That tag around Andy’s neck- does it even have any useful information?

And we are off!

Well, that didn’t take long…


Trucker Travis, having vocalized his inner monologue, realizes that something is afoot!


Well, then, I bet there IS a dog in the back of your Truck!!  Barks like a dog, it’s bound to be a dog.


Oh, Andy, this could have been so simple.  But no, you had to run off… Who knows what life has in store for you at this point…  miles from home, running in a random direction.  The story starts… now!

Reminds me of the time when…

…Andy was caught in a “Deer Trap.”  And no one knew where he was!  This would have been the late Summer of 1980, and I would faithfully check in on Andy every morning over my bowl of Wheaties…  and I knew that time wasn’t on Andy’s side, or mine, since I was about to leave home for a new academic year and I realized that the Wisconsin State Journal did not carry Mark Trail!!


To my delight, my dear mother began clipping out the dailies and sending them to me on a weekly basis- mounted to typing paper, with (of course) snarky comments in the margins…  In case you wonder where I got this idea, The Daily Trail, I guess it all goes back to that…

And the artwork seems to be back on track… hallelujah!