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And the BLEEP! goes on, on, on, on, on, on

Rivera continues to pour on the cynicism with these industrial green walls. Meanwhile, a pointless conversation ensues, as Mark describes the very reason why nobody is going to buy anything at this farce of an event; except maybe the naivest. Crypto currency and NFT markets are way down. Crypto Influences are the last people I would expect to con, since they are already part of the Crypto World.

Still, I reckon some of them might look at this like a stockbroker who buys in a slump, believing the stocks will eventually rise and pay off. But let’s face it:  The point of this adventure is to trash NFTs, block chains, and crypto currency; not to praise them. So there is clearly going to be a big hubbub.

Speaking of which, what is the pedigree of the NFTS that the Douche Brothers (as Rivera refers to them in interviews) are hawking? If it’s the crap that Cricket Bro was photographing a while ago, then I think we’ll have our casus belli for a possible riot. And let’s not overlook Professor Bee Sharp, who will be sure to offer up a stinging rebuke of the Brothers and their operation. Ladies and Gentlemen, have your drivers keep their cars running for a likely early and quick exit.


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