Meanwhile, back at Bluegill’s house…‏

…preparations are being made to return to Lost Forest!  Rusty is checking boundaries…  in the spirit of the age-old maxim “what happens at fishing camp stays at fishing camp…”

“Can I tell Cherry and Doc that I was snooping around in other people’s private property and got myself in a real pickle as a result?”  “Sure, Rusty, as long as you help me maintain my mystique as ‘the one who time and again saves other peoples’ bacon…’  and deflect any thoughts or notions that I basically ignored you for hours at a time and allowed you to get into harm’s way…”

And Mark, I think you are giving Rusty a bit too much credit to suggest that he purposely “dropped his camera…”


But with another mystery solved, all is right in the Trail-verse.  We can now breathe easy as life returns to normal… But oh, wait… a deadline looms for Mark, assuming he actually turns in any of the articles that have been assigned to him…