What? Is it Blind?

Or…  Just doing what Rhinos do?  And this is not the only animal that has had it out for trees… Remember the Wild Boar on Abbey Island?  Or, with its horn is still intact… could it be a refugee from the first time we encountered Dirty Dyer?


So as Shannon wins the “Name THAT Animal” prize, we are left to wonder, “What circus ever had a Rhino in its menagerie?”  Seems a little off… by about half a bubble…  Well drawn though, I am focused on the skin, which reminds me of one of my favorite “Just So Stories” from Rudyard Kipling- How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin…  There is a wonderful audio/video version read by Jack Nicholas (Score by Bobby McFerrin.)  I think I enjoyed that more than my daughter back when she was a tike…



As we rejoin our hipster couple, whose idea of outfitting themselves for camping is to visit the local version of Ragstock for clothes and raid their grandparents’ garage for gear, I am again wanting to comment on Kathy… not to be mean (OK, Maybe…) but it looks like her face has been reconstructed… like she made a bad choice and got too friendly with a chimpanzee and it reverted to its territorial instincts…


Today we learn the man’s name is Shannon.  Irish, I think, and probably not uncommon there.  River Shannon.  Means Old and Wise.  Of song fame “Shannon is going away. She’s drifting out to sea…” That one was about a dog, I think.

But soft!  What through yonder forest breaks?!  And Kathy utters the complete “What in the World!?”  as opposed to the time honored “What Th-!?”  Clearly not of the Trailverse is she…

Talk About Invasive Species…

OOOOOO-K…  What do we have here?  Kathy with a ‘K’ and currently unnamed dude with a bad dye-job from top to bottom (I mean, who has hair that black??) are camping near Lost Forest.  Let’s hope it not in Lost Forest, because that would be against the rules!


So… are we to gather from this piece of dialogue that Goatee-man (or Goat-man, for short) is not only style-stuck in the 90’s, with his shirt-and-sweater-vest combo, but wasn’t really “down” with the whole camping thing…  And Kathy, who spends days chained to her workstation grinding out appliances and bridges, needed a well deserved break? Got news for you sweetheart, that technical degree you earned that put you into that career is currently being made obsolete through robotics and technology.  Let’s hope you have your student loans paid off!

What in Heaven’s Name is THAT?!

OK, we get the joke.  It took an entire (two?) week(s) to tell it!!


But seriously.  What is that perched on the Magnolia branch overlooking Lost Forest?  At first I’d say Eagle or some kind of Raptor, but look at the bill… It’s almost Toucan-like… Is there some kind of Genetic Engineering going on the stables?

tick…. toc…. doc….

Now we find ourselves, ABR (All But Rusty, the natural state,) out on the Porch continuing to listen in on Doc’s conversation…


But isn’t it know in these parts that Doc is a teetotaler?  Pretty sure he never touches the stuff… but then one never knows what goes on behind closed doors… heck, with all that space, they could easily be shining… At least that would explain where they get the money to sustain what appears to be a life of perpetual leisure…

And as Mark and Cherry listen in on Doc’s conversation, we see them decked out in L.L. Bean’s finest… Cherry in the Women’s Premium Double L Polo in Cardinal Red, Mark in the Men’s Signature 1933 Chamois Cloth Shirt, slim fit…  You, too can dress and look like Cherry and Mark, gang, but get yours quick!  They are going like hotcakes!!

Who’s he calling, Anyway??

Aren’t the Trail/ Davises the law in these parts?  Wouldn’t authorities be calling them if they were the ones to spy these interlopers, especially of the four-legged and winged variety??


So as Doc describes a Seussian scene right out of Mulberry Street to some unnamed authority, we have to ask this question:  How long with this scene be milked in the name of (ahem) sustaining a daily commitment to fill the paper with a storyline that will continue to beguile and intrigue??  That is the hallmark of the Allen regime… No idea is banal enough to not let it play out for weeks into months, all in the name of not having to compose and follow an actual plot line…

And Mark!  What’s all this then?  Lost Forest used to be a sanctuary where you could return from your exploits, tell your tales, lick your wounds and recharge your batteries…  You are being invaded my friend!  And let me remind us all of the way that Mark has suffered at the hands of James Allen from the get-go!  From day one under this sadistic pen, Allen had Mark, with a separated shoulder, treed by a bear and forced to spend the night there!

Yea! How ’bout THEM Apples?!

And thanks, Mark for bringing up that awful memory of the Dinosaur Dream!  That was the day I was supposed to go fishing…  although there wasn’t any actual footage of the same…  Supposedly I caught more fish than you did… That was back in the Elrod days…


But now the shamed and emotionally thrashed Rusty is turning to exhibit ‘A’ … the apples…  as Mark looks on in disbelief.  Even Ol’ Andy is getting in on the caper!

No, but we do…

What, you go out to pick some apples for your breakfast and you fall asleep?  I think there’s something seriously wrong, here!  You been digging into Doc’s Medicine Cabinet again??  You know that those pills are for animals, right, Rusty??


And yes, we remembered the Dinosaurs…  At least a week ago…

At least Mark has a smile on his face…

Are Rusty’s Ears Growing?

Boy, are Mark and Cherry going to be surprised when Doc comes in and declares that there is an ostrich-riding monkey on the premises…  Crow anyone!?


But seriously… are Rusty’s ears getting bigger?

And why is he being shamed into a confession that he knows is not necessary?  Poor lad…  C’mon, Rusty… Boy-up!  Tell Mark and Cherry where they can stick their doubts!