Step Three, Abandon Children…

Don’t ask me what steps one and two are… but this is where it’s bound to get, uhmmm… interesting.


… As interesting as things get in the Trailverse.  No idea what Mark wants to talk to Dr. Carter about- his past, illicit relationship with Cherry?  His business model? Where to get a good street taco in these parts??

Sounds like Joe suffers from a medical condition… probably why he is now making his way on the Yucatan…  Culturally OK to take a siesta!!

And the look on Rusty’s face tells all- that he knows what’s next- he and Mara will no doubt fall into some kind of a trap!


I guess we aren’t done with this…

What would be great now is if that little doll would leap up and bite Rusty’s nose off!   I am sure he could be fitted with a prosthetic schoz- I mean, look at Michael Jackson!


…or maybe one of his Dopey-Style ears.  Either way, little guy, take your pick!!  Man does not live by margaritas and cigars alone


Actually, I think that the Black and white version is a little bit creepier!


And it’s another long walk for a short drink of water…


Yea… I am sure it’s just Bill and Ted having an Excellent Joke on everyone!

The battle in the foreground seems a bit far-fetched, until you see this…  It’s surprising that the Jag can get the upper hand, especially when it’s chosen to go in the water!!

With the doll, stupid!

For the love of Mike, Mark, haven’t you been paying attention?!


The doll keeps local robbers away!  That’s the point!!


And it would seem that a shit-faced doll is more effective…  Shaken?  Stirred?  Blended?  Salt on the rim?  Top shelf or rail?  I wonder.

And the Jaguar goes, “Really?”

Ok, everyone, put your hands down…

What is with all the withering, awful renderings of the human hand?


And since when are Rusty’s eyes blue?  I guess I have never noticed that before…  And would confirm that his genes lie outside of the coal darkness that Mark represents…

So, I get it… the unsophisticated and hyper-super-stitious locals are kept at bay by this little warrior doll steeped in legend.  OK, Rusty, you realize that your words are highly prophetic and you have now pretty much guaranteed that you will be spending the night in the trailer with the little man?


In case anyone wants to make the connection between this awful strip and a timeless Movie Script, here’s your reference


And what were two students doing at Faculty parties?  Besides, this all supposedly went down in the mid-to-middle 30’s, which is eighty-plus years ago!  This timeline is getting squishier by the day!

I’d love to be going along with this, but like I said, it’s really annoying when this “story” relies on all that has gone before it.  It’s one thing to stand on the shoulders of giants, it’s another to plagiarize.  There’s no “homage” going on here, just theft.  Seriously.  Knock it off.