He’s all smiles now…

Mark is always up for making a statement!  See how his mood has lifted??  Why, he’s positively beaming!


Yesterday and today is an interesting study the use of “Trailamation.”  The Auto-generation of various Mark faces to display a (limited) range of Trail-motions…


Sandwiching Jose, we see Mark play the role of the classic greek dramady icons…




Tell it, Mark!

As we are treated to a couple of classic “Grim Mark Trail” head shots from opposite 3/4 vantage points, do we have to now spend a few days recounting the Cave Adventure?


I guess we do…


…and the Toucan seem more riveted by this than any of us, that’s for sure!

Sounds like hearsay to me…

… but of course in the Trailverse, there’s no doubt as to what is the more egregious offense…  Human Trafficking doesn’t even hold a candle to artifact smuggling… why, it’s right up there with Rhino Horns!   (I know it’s repeat reference, but still one of my favorite installments!)


So are we really wrapping up here?  Remember that the Trails have only been in Mexico a day or two!  They still have a vacation to take… Not that anyone really works or earns a paycheck.  When one is perpetually “off” what meaning does vacation even have??

Yup, Lying to Cherry, as Usual…

Poor Cherry!  Always being kept in the dark!!


But really?  How sad.  “Don’t tell your mother, or else we are all in trouble!”  Complete with the trademark “finger-waggle” and there you have it!

Let’s remember though that the last 6 months of “story” only covered half a day in the Trailverse… Cherry probably just finished her facial…

I still can’t abide Mara’s hair color…

Gray?  Silver??? I don’t get it.


So all’s well that ends well, huh?  Despite this journey into the absurd, it was pretty standard Mark Trail fare, complete with punching.  That (long) story lines are tied together and bad guys are brought back into the picture seems to be a (growing) hallmark of the Allen Era (AE.)

I work with a lot of Allens, or Allans, or Alans.  It’s a frustrating name in that it’s spelled many different ways, can be a first- or a surname, and I have to constantly check to make sure that I am spelling it correctly…  stay warm everyone!

Go fish indeed!

I guess we can add wet nursing to Raul’s many skills, including tearing through markets on his motorcycle and  jumping through unopened windows… Are we going to break out in song here?


How he managed to gain the trust of the youngsters is beyond me, but hey, we’ll probably never mop up all the inconsistencies of this storyline, including first and foremost, how did driver Jose get hooked into taking the kids on a tour in the first place?!  I mean there’s deep undercover, but then there’s plain dumb luck!  Please, please, let this be a wrap!

Mad Mark!

Mark looks like he’s about to punch out Jose…  which probably wouldn’t be a very good idea… considering he’s a peace officer and all.


Still utterly confused… the kids had the door slammed in their face…  How can they be “inside?”

Temper, Temper!!

Mark is still hoppin’ mad!  My son!  My son!  He’s not your son!  But it’s nice that you think of him that way… By the way, his name is Rusty, and there is another young soul that you might want to be concerned about…


The Old Library… Isn’t that where they are right now??