A Sunday Bonus!

I don’t know where to begin…  What year is this??  Mark has his pipe clenched smartly in his mouth… doesn’t even have to take it out to talk!!  Look at his broad shoulders, bulging biceps and forearms, Superman should have such a build!!  I have no idea who the blonde haired lad is, but isn’t he crafty!  Filling Cherry’s head with visions of “that cute little blonde… Miss Chance…”  And Mark, did you really mean to say “I could be really entertaining” ??  “She’s a Real Honey?”  Just so you can go FISHING!?!


I guess back in the day Mark was a Sexual Beast!  Who knew!?!

Note the candy apple recipe and how it instructs us how to know when the proper temperature is reached…  I guess a candy thermometer is too bulky to bring on the trail…