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…and the color commentary…


“He’s burst through the line, and into the second level!”

                                “Yes, Jim, that was a tremendous hole opened up by superior blocking on the part of the center and left guard!”

“He’s Still going, only one player to beat!  Touchdown!”

Happy Superbowl everyone!  I am guessing that 80% of the population in the Twin Cities will be happy when this circus has moved on…  and for those who may have missed it, or aren’t one with “The Cities,” a local brewing company has done yeoman’s work in describing the zeitgeist

Actually, no…

While this is a finely drawn Rhinoceros, it would have to pivot hard to port if the tent was going to get it…  But that would require that the Rhino be drawn in reverse 3/4 profile, as opposed to full profile, which we see in this single, large panel…  I don’t know if Rhinos are built to make NFL running back style jump-cuts or not… they seem more like Downhill Runners


And while Shannon and Kathy appear to be spared for now, we have to wonder if we got to know their names only for the purpose of demonstrating yet another unlikely encounter with a non-indigenous beast?  That’s a lot of Purple ink to spill for not much of a career in the Trailverse.

What? Is it Blind?

Or…  Just doing what Rhinos do?  And this is not the only animal that has had it out for trees… Remember the Wild Boar on Abbey Island?  Or, with its horn is still intact… could it be a refugee from the first time we encountered Dirty Dyer?


So as Shannon wins the “Name THAT Animal” prize, we are left to wonder, “What circus ever had a Rhino in its menagerie?”  Seems a little off… by about half a bubble…  Well drawn though, I am focused on the skin, which reminds me of one of my favorite “Just So Stories” from Rudyard Kipling- How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin…  There is a wonderful audio/video version read by Jack Nicholas (Score by Bobby McFerrin.)  I think I enjoyed that more than my daughter back when she was a tike…


As we rejoin our hipster couple, whose idea of outfitting themselves for camping is to visit the local version of Ragstock for clothes and raid their grandparents’ garage for gear, I am again wanting to comment on Kathy… not to be mean (OK, Maybe…) but it looks like her face has been reconstructed… like she made a bad choice and got too friendly with a chimpanzee and it reverted to its territorial instincts…


Today we learn the man’s name is Shannon.  Irish, I think, and probably not uncommon there.  River Shannon.  Means Old and Wise.  Of song fame “Shannon is going away. She’s drifting out to sea…” That one was about a dog, I think.

But soft!  What through yonder forest breaks?!  And Kathy utters the complete “What in the World!?”  as opposed to the time honored “What Th-!?”  Clearly not of the Trailverse is she…

Talk About Invasive Species…

OOOOOO-K…  What do we have here?  Kathy with a ‘K’ and currently unnamed dude with a bad dye-job from top to bottom (I mean, who has hair that black??) are camping near Lost Forest.  Let’s hope it not in Lost Forest, because that would be against the rules!


So… are we to gather from this piece of dialogue that Goatee-man (or Goat-man, for short) is not only style-stuck in the 90’s, with his shirt-and-sweater-vest combo, but wasn’t really “down” with the whole camping thing…  And Kathy, who spends days chained to her workstation grinding out appliances and bridges, needed a well deserved break? Got news for you sweetheart, that technical degree you earned that put you into that career is currently being made obsolete through robotics and technology.  Let’s hope you have your student loans paid off!

Can we just get on with this already?

And do you have permission?  Is Johnny a member of the tribe in good standing?  Do we need to be contacting the the Bureau of Indian Affairs?  Boy there’s an agency name that needs changing…


I swear we spend more time taking about what we are going to do than the time it would take to just do it…  And I sure hope that ring-tailed-whatever-it-is gets a meal out of this…

But finally, someone on the comics page is tackling the Space-time dilemma!

comic time

(Arlo and Janis, 3-16-2017)

# 200

No, not “hash-tag 200” but rather I just threw up my 200th post for this blog.  And still I have not garnered a single fan.  Granted, I have done nothing to “put myself out there,” and really, I do this for the enjoyment of a small audience that I know follows this idiocy…

It’s become part of my daily routine, so as long as Elrod and Co. continue to grace the page, I will be here snarking away.

Have a Mark Trail day, everyone!