Concerned about Rusty? Ha! That’s a good one!!

Ah, it’s time to gather around the Ol’ Hearth at Lost Forest!


Not to mention taking credit for stock photographs you might find!!


Doesn’t Cherry have a proper seat?  Why is she perched on the wooden arm rest with her arm around her dad?  That’s kind of creepy… The Look on Doc’s face would suggest he is quite uncomfortable with the situation…


Thanks for the public service announcement, but oh Cherry, you have no idea what Rusty is up to on the internet…  I shudder to think what is going on behind his closed bedroom door!


Because Doc would know!!

As Mark musters his look of “great concern,” Cherry looks on with her “uh, huh…” look…

Mark then utters the line that will become the subtitle to the story he is forming in his head… while Doc pipes up about things he might have only ready about…  but then, who knows?  He may have his own set of Social Media vices, the old coot!

And you know what? I don’t really care!!

And BOOM!  Back to Lost Forest we go.  Cherry is still there, apparently none worse for Mark’s absence…  No attack by Dirty Dyer, the cannibal doll still safely in his box, and Mark just as clueless as ever!


Mark, it’s pretty amazing that you just up and left…  I know that this assignment was a real PITA (Pain in the Ass) but it really shows your true character when you just up and leave… when a fellow human being goes missing and you couldn’t care less?

I like the idea of Dr. Camel’s Revenge…  Maybe we get to see that someday!!   And besides, Dirty came back from the dead, why not Harvey??

What a heartbreaker!

As Mark successfully navigates another would-be female suitor, he bids farewell…  We’ll probably be in Lost Forest by tomorrow.

Panel three is goofy.  That’s a really weird hand-shake, there, almost one that is trying to avoid cooties… and Genie appears to be breaking to 4th wall, peering into the eyes of audience/ camera, Ferris Bueller style.  Mark’s smile is one that I have never seen before…

All’s well?

Excuse me, Mark?  As “WE had hoped?” You were nothing but a buzzkill the entire trip…  You love being right!!


So as Harvey Camel contributes to the unrecovered body count in the greater Nepalese range, Mark better take some selfies or something, or else he won’t have anything to use when he sets about writing his article…

Alive or dead, don’t you think he needs to be found?

Good gravy… all this talking…


…I don’t know if it’s meant to inspire intrigue or boredom…


All I know is that we are (again) dragging a storyline out waaaay tooooo long…


Oh, right, that’s what happening, Mark, he’s marooned on a snow-covered slope and all he can think about is saving face?  I think Genie, for one, is anxious to get on with her life, or at least write her own tell-all book… My Life with a Kook

Blahbidy Blah Blah Blah…

Well, Mark, you pretty much nailed it!

Belief Systems. Faith.  Knowing.  Powerful things, indeed.  Needing to believe, otherwise what is left?  As Mark challenges the very foundation upon which Harvey Camel based his existence, in front of the layer of snow that buried him, assumed to have killed him, he feels absolutely no compunction about any of it.  Never mind the fact that the snow slid over a week ago in real time, never mind that we have all been snowed over, so to speak, for months now, I think it’s time to find his crushed corpse and Sherpa his ass down the mountain…

Guess? Where have you been all these months, Mark?

I am very confused by today’s installment:


Yes, Mark, he wanted to show the world that The Yeti was more than mere fiction.  Why are you so slow sometimes?  And Genie, do you always carry around a first edition of YETI by Harvey Camel, PhD?

And if this was to be his Penultimate adventure, then what was he planning as a finish?

…again, shouldn’t someone, anyone be digging?

Well, look who’s bitter now…

Chapter, ummmm… X?  The Harvey Camel Backstory?


It would seem that we all have the capacity for resentment, in the end feeling underappreciated in light of what we might do for others who then take flight.  Who was once savior becomes factotum while the downtrodden forgets who he is or where he came from…  Nice Selfie-Stick in the middle shot there…

…enter Woods and Wildlife Magazine…

…or its parent company, whichever is appropriate…


Bill Ellis (Remember, the editor that works Mark like a puppet) catches wind of Ol’ Harvey and can’t help but take the bait…  Now he, through Mark, has the scoop of the (I don’t know, week?) that will allow him to report on the untimely death of a Social Media “Star” and the backstory that, in this day and age, probably will only burnish his reputation among his followers- dying whilst capturing the ultimate selfie- how many influencers have given themselves up in the name of their craft to date?  I bet we’d be surprised by that…  Fame is fleeting, especially today.  Now Mark, you’d best start taking pictures and get writing, dammit.