Kevin to the rescue!

As Rusty &  Kevin make their way through the hellscape that has become our daily encounter with the Trailverse, they happen upon the Asshole in  Training (Eric) and his reluctant mom…


… who of course have to be menaced by a falling, flaming tree…


But even as Eric and the Missus dive in a full layout to avoid being crushed, we have to wonder what has become of Mister and Mark…


Thank goodness for Rusty… there’s time for reconciling later, people, we’ve got to get a move on!!


Eric, you are an idiot!

Look!  A Campfire!  A Pretty Campfire!!   Ha!  That’s funny!


By these strips it’s not clear whether Mark and the Crowleys are together or not…  I guess they are?


But which way are you running Rusty?  Toward the fire or away?  Looks like you are surrounded.  Meanwhile, Papa Crowley makes a choice… and Mama Crowley doesn’t seem to like it…


Oh the suspense.  Oh the drama.  I can hardly stand it.

I’m sure Kevin knows a thing or two about getting ‘cut off…’

Oh the suspense!  I can hardly stand it…


At least Rusty has returned to his old self- no longer looking like a hipster.


But is the fire actually between them and camp?  I mean, how much ground could they have possibly covered?  Didn’t Rusty pull the old “We’ll walk in a big circle while pretending to be running away?”  OK, that’s giving him way too much credit…


Looks like they are just walking, albeit with a greater stride…  might want to pick up the pace, lads!

And the Little Birdie Sings!

As we pick up the story, we see Eric’s parents assuming the best in their son…  and blaming themselves… while Mark is on the case!


Oh, guilt is a powerful motivator.  It can eat at you until you just have to spill it!


Am I getting used to this artwork?  Sure, I guess… It  has been suggested that we had to endure a whole host of would-be replacement artists… but it would seem that we landed on one.  No clip art, it all seems to be drawn from one hand in this recent trio of strips…


Ah, yes… the Ol’ Walkie-Talkie… those were the best… especially growing up in the 60’s and 70’s.  The technology was available to almost anyone with a few bucks and a couple of 9-volt batteries… Remember these?

Walkie Talkies


Captain Obvious makes a prediction…


… meaning that there will be a deluge and a washout and everyone gets swept way…  We can only hope.  Glad that they had that roaring campfire going earlier in these “drought” conditions…

Who are these people?

A classic “What the…?!” starts us off on this three-parter, although throughout the years, the final ‘e’ was typically left off, as in “What Th-…?!”


As Mark and Geoff emerge from their correctly proportioned (for once) tents…


It “sounded” like an alarm clock?  Don’t you know?  Didn’t you have to turn it off?  And who is the dude in the center panel?


…said the dick…  How does Eric know that Kevin “ran off?”  And not merely missing?  His words are incriminating if anyone is bothering to listen…  And the more we get a good look at Kevin’s father, the more it appears that the ugly stick was taken to him repeatedly!