Capital idea, Trail!

He says with his finger gesturing mightily… But what exactly is Mark doing with his left thumb in the first panel?  And, um, Bill?  Do you ever actually SIT BEHIND your desk or in your comfy chair, or is furniture to you just so much stuff to lean on??


“You could set up a camp and act as a guide…” Well, duh.  Isn’t that what one does when one “escorts” people on a camping trip?  Get things set up and make sure they come back in one piece?  And Heaven forbid Mark should have to interact with Shelley! “So, Cherry, you down with this?  Don’t know these people, but I have been led to believe that this Shelley chick is a little squeamish, so no ‘Toads in foot of her sleeping bag’ trick, OK?” And what of the other Trail family? Is Rusty to Stay with Doc?  Does Andy get to go?  Tension mounts!!