Apparently someone is anxious to move this story along…

How many times have we remarked, while watching a story arc build ever too slowly, “OK, enough already…  can we just get on with this?  It would seem that our writer was anxious to have Shelley employ her Dale Carnegie Training (Always use the person’s name when interacting with new-found acquaintances…) in panel two where she blurts out awkwardly “MARK AND CHERRY TRAIL!”  Not so much as a question mark in that offering, so confident is she!  But then it must be chilly up in the clouds, otherwise, why would our visitors be so wrapped in warm clothing!


Channeling Howard Hughes, Wes (I’d rather call him Wesley) Thompson, is resplendent in his fedora and sweater/ blazer combination…  wringing his hands in anticipation of taking to the woods with one Mark Trail, whom he secretly wishes he could “chuck it all” and just be…  Ever smug, Mark busily answers to the thought that Wesley is apparently having, otherwise his blurting out of “YES, I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THE CAMPING TRIP” just seems a little awkward.  But then, that’s Mark.