Back to the future, again!

Oh Dear, Shelley can’t get a signal on her phone…  So once again the present intersects with what appears to be a throw-back to an older, simpler time…  And what is that on your hat, Wesley?  Leopard? Bengal Tiger?  Difficult to tell, but either way it makes you out for what you are- Apex Predator, Alpha Male… Good thing that Mark is secure in his role as guide and factotum…


I am having trouble figuring out how this is going to get even slightly suspenseful, other than the tension that Shelley is bringing to the scene in the form of incessant whining… Despite Mark’s first priority of making sure that the “Ladies” are “comfortable.”  But where is the privy, Mark?  What of their more delicate needs???

And what is this in the first panel- did the Chapmans bring a Valet?

Has Jack Elrod been watching too much Downton Abbey??

He appears to be toting a leather valise and a fishing rod case…  Orvis?  L.L. Bean?

Or is that Mark- but I have never seen him wear a ball cap before…