Whoa! Cherry!

Showin’ her “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” chops… And not so much with a shotgun where she’d have many chances with many shot dispersing after the target, but with a rifle!  What a dead-eye! Kind of begs the question as to why they chose to fly in CANNED food, since they have to pack out what trash they brought in, and the weight would certainly have to be a factor with four people plus gear in that little plane… but this is 1953 (isn’t it?) and freeze-dried food and lighter packaging hasn’t made into the vernacular, if in fact cell phones being out of range have…Meanwhile, Shelley is dabbing herself with a kerchief, not having figured out that wearing a woolen turtleneck sweater is bound to make a person hot…


At least now we know what Cherry’s up to when Mark is off on his “assignments.”  She is practicing, polishing her guns, and shilling for the NRA… Notice Mark nestled calmly and figuratively in the crook of Cherry’s neck, enjoying a draw on his pipe (when’s the last time we saw that??) as if this is all too familiar… I guess now we get to see the Real Cherry Blossom.  It is almost May and high time!