And the moose goes… SNORT!

This is what we call, in the writing business, a PLOT INFLECTION.  I think, anyway, because I am not actually IN the writing business.  I just hack away and let flow whatever comes to mind…  but let it be known that there are no clumsier plot inflections than in a Mark Trail story line.   Or more imagery or metaphor…  I mean where else could an inanimate object – a plane- get so scared as to go all ashen and pale?? We have a problem, Mark, the union in China, or wherever this strip goes to get colored in, is sending us signals that they aren’t going to work for the “bowl of rice a day” that is in their current contract…


And I don’t pretend to be an expert in avionics or an aircraft engineer, but is the plane getting larger, I mean relative to the windows?  If the windows are an indication of relative cockpit size, then suddenly this beast of a craft has the cargo capacity rivaling a C-130…  Is that the issue? Is the plane growing?  Or does Wes just want to secretly put-er-down and create the tension that is so badly needed in this particular story?  So far the Whiny wasn’t Working, so let’s introduce some real drama!  The Trail-verse’s own version of LOST!  Will they go back in time?  Meet up with Charles Lindbergh or Amelia Earhart?  Stay tuned!