Remember what started this whole inane story line??

Frightened Elk, damaging Fence line, that’s what… so Mark, what are you going to do now?  Frighten one even more?  Seriously.  “You and Johnny stay here and I will send the poor beast right into your shooting range…  Just keep your sight on the Elk, I wouldn’t want to be the one taking a bullet, here.”  Again, I don’t hunt, but is this typical behavior?


Mark I am so proud of you!  You are keeping your thoughts to yourself rather than verbalizing, and you are about to use your fancy phone-device to help you solve a mystery!! Not to mention using your Trail-brain in a truly cognitive manner, thinking ahead, forming and executing a plan.  Very impressive indeed.  Now just don’t get your mount shot out from under you!

Meanwhile, with Mark Trail out of ear-shot, the Senator shares his deepest thoughts with Johnny Walker… “Gee, I feel a little tingle in my leg, Johnny.  Haven’t felt that is a long time… not since the Goldwater election…”  Easy there, Hudson, don’t want you to soil your depends…  Look at him quivering with anticipation while Johnny holds a rifle that look twice as big as it should…


Johnny, Senator and his daughter (not to mention Mark Trail) are all onto you, and see through you like a sheet of isinglass…  I am still puzzled by the whole “putting them together” thing… as opposed to what?  Sending one east and the other west so they can all shoot at each other??

Oh and don’t mind Mr. Wolf, for Heaven’s sake…  he’s just roaming about waiting for a rabbit to happen by or something.  Not like the horses wouldn’t spook at the sight of it, right?