Well, plug it in, dummy!

OK, maybe I am just jealous.  By the size of the device in Mark’s hand, it would appear that he went all in and picked up a Galaxy by Samsung…while I remain “content” with my Blackberry Curve.  Alas, choices we make in life can continue to haunt.  Like deciding to hang poolside for 4 hours without so much as a dollop of sunscreen.  I fear I shall peel like banana is the coming days, a continued reminder of my bad judgment.  With age comes wisdom, but also the ability to miss the obvious…  Mark, are you in that stage too?  But don’t fear, my friend all will turn out, it always does for you.


I am quite sure that there was a gasp of power left when you set your device in the bushes to capture incriminating words from Johnny… and I am of sure that those words are safe on the memory card nestled in the guts of the phone.

And what will we see when Mark finds the elk?  Will he pull out a pistol and dispatch it?  Shoot it at close range with his rifle?  And then what, pull out his Bowie knife, hang it and gut it?  Where are we going here?