I am actually quite grateful.

That we were spared weeks of toil and trouble getting back to Dunlap’s cabin with two pack baskets of artifacts and one bad guy- “Jeff Baucom.”  How exactly Mark was able to maintain control over Jeff… but wait, did he just leave him at the “abandoned shack,” all tied up?  Hmmm… I wonder.  And Jared Sosbee – what’s become of him?  He left weeks ago, to “go get the sheriff,” or something like that.  Like I said before, he is probably holed up in some safe house awaiting Jeff B’s return with the loot.  Oh, how disappointed he will be!!


But in the last panel, Mark maintains that he “has” the Relics and the Bad Guy… Oh well, anything to wrap this story up…  it’s time that Mark and the clan return to Lost Forest and see what’s become of their world, having abandoned it… And by the way… I am sure Rusty is quite tired enough of doing the “Home Alone” thing…