Boat and Motor? Check. PFD? Check. Faithful Canine Companion? Check.

Now we are back where everything makes sense.  When Mark is around his family you can just feel the tension…  The unspoken, “Don’t you have someplace you should be going?  Isn’t there a story out there you could be chasing?”  So into the transporter machine we go, conquering space and time, and we are back on the water looking for something to write about.  No phone calls to warn of his arrival, no permissions granted, just another, “Hi, I’m Mark Trail.  I write Stories.  I would like to get nosy about your business…”


And of course he stumbles upon an act of violence against the animal kingdom, in violation of rule and section that he no doubt has memorized down to the state and county level, including bag, possession and slot limits.  Are we to understand that the bump sticking out of the water right off the bow is the back of a sea turtle?  That Mark can make that ID from 50 yards?  See the look of anger and anguish on Mark’s face as he witnesses this crime being perpetrated…  Will he confront?  Let’s stay tuned…