New Characters!! Diversity!!

Well, James Allen, touché… Here I thought it was Mitchum already out in the swamp scheming and causing trouble, but no… we have Mike and Vince, two seemingly unrelated characters.  And wonder of wonders- Vince is a person of color- and we aren’t even in Africa!!


Thanks, Mike, for the awesome hand gesture in panel two- not sure we would have known “front” from “back” without it…  Come to think of it, how many times have you asked a store clerk to “go check in back” to see if they are really out of the item you are looking for…  What with today’s perpetual inventory platforms that tick things down at point of sale and auto-magically reorder at a pre-determined point based on demand and time to manufacture and ship, it’s almost a lights-out procedure… but then this is a a random “Repair” shack on the edge of a swamp, so they probably still have to “check in the back…”