My Powers… they are working!!

Well, Mark, you haven’t lost your touch, have you??  Just get them talking, and they will confess to everything and ultimately see the error of their ways…  You even have Justin using the word ‘could’ve…’  Which by the way, dear readers, is a contraction- a subtle but meaningful difference between the Elrod/Dodd Era and the James Allen Era… which is not even a year out of the blocks but has brought change the likes of which is nothing less than shattering…  OK, maybe not shattering, but I have to go for something here in the midst of all this flat and stultifying dialogue.


From what beginning?  Did you adopt him and raise him as your ward?  Hire him out of some fancy East Coast MBA program?  Whose money did he use to buy the property?  C’mon, Holland, pull yourself together.  You are still in charge here, aren’t you??