Now that’s what I call stealth!

This is like an early Christmas Present!!  Bad Guys “Sneaking up” on our hero in their twin-screw, diesel powered shark boat, which I am sure can be heard from across the lake, let alone right “beside” the Swan…  And it appears that the guy with hair is in charge…  oh wait, that’s Mitchum!  What the hell?  What is he thinking?  Does he want to be immediately implicated in whatever dastardly deed is about to unfold??  No Arms-Length relationship between him and the bad actors??


I can’t even imagine what is about to go down…  Trash-talking?  Threats?  I thought Mitchum wanted Holland dead…  out of the way?  I was expecting that there would be SCUBA suits and C-4 involved.  Maybe I have seen too many movies…