Home for the evening??

Wait a gosh-darned minute here… Mark and Cherry were carrying at least overnight bags in a previous installment as they were heading out for their visit and making their way to the car…  And even Mark’s language is curious- nothing new here, of course… but “Cherry and I are going home for the evening” implies what?  That they are then going someplace else the following day?  Or maybe they had made a hugely wrong assumption that Wally and Susan were putting them up for the night… which is consistent with their default thinking that the world owes them a bed…  I’m so confused.


Wally, Wally, Wally.  This is your business!  Do you know nothing?  Are you content to stand there beaten before the bell for Round 1 even rings?  Satisfied to throw in with Mark Trail and his “people?”  Funny how much, in panel 3,  Wally looks like Chris “Dirty” Dyer from the African Odyssey