And we’re back…

Sorry, campers!  Had to go away for a few days!!  Travel should be over for a while now…  While I was gone I did pick up a comment that pointed out to me that Abbey Powell is also real!  Right along with the other USDA stuff!!  So, with Wally Wood sporting his lobotomy scar, he tells Abbey that  he has “several acres of trees.”


Don’t you mean several hundred acres, Wally? I mean, c’mon… have you never heard of scale??  There’s not a fortune hiding in a measly several acres… to me that means about 4 or 5…


Yes how could you possible know, Abbey, that this is the “Northern Tip” of Wally’s expansive (not) property? Maybe because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and right now the sun is still rising??  At which point Wally reveals that his lobotomy scar has shifted to the other side of his head!  Bugs may be scary and all, but I don’t like the way that looks!!


Purple Traps?!? Mark finds that intriguing!  Slumber Mountain??  We’ve been here before!  Remember, dear readers, this is where Wes crashed his plane and set him and Mark on a perilous journey back to Cherry and Shelley (with two e’s)

And in case the rest of you were wondering (I am sure…) whether Abbey passed her orienteering test, I had to draw out what she was describing…

Map sketch 3  Yes!  The bugs are heading south in the general direction of Wally’s Woods!  From the south side of Slumber Mountain where the USDA set Purple Traps…  Oh my… can’t you just feel the tension??


So, while Wally prepares to paint the forest floor with his vomitus, (no wonder mark refused pancakes this morning!) Abbey Powell from the USDA will save the day!  And down-range our intrepid beaver pair is oblivious to the human drama unfolding nearby.  Lucky them!!