Can I see some ID, Please??

I see Barbie, I mean Kelly, forgot to wear her pants today, and just how old is she anyway?  Do her parents know that she is cavorting with a pony-tailed, bearded, smooth talking shark angler with a knack for naming boats?  Not to mention creative, since this is the “Shur Ketch3” which means that there must have been a 1 and a 2, not necessarily sailing under the same flag…  not that one has to register the name of small craft like this, so we can probably assume that Ken has traded up, bringing the name forward each time…


“The middle of the Gulf of Mexico…” Is she speaking literally or figuratively?  One reason that this might be “the spot” is that it’s hell and gone from the Deep Water Horizon disaster of 2010 and the waters haven’t been fouled…  so are they truly a couple hundred miles off shore, or is she employing hyperbole??