Cherry! You are taking the best lines!

Seriously!  It’s like she’s in on the joke!  Sure, Mark, I have no doubt Editor Bill Ellis, who is probably still neck deep in paperwork from your trip to the Great Dismal Swamp after the 50-footer he rented for your enjoyment ended up as kindling, would rent you another boat for your next great adventure…  This is funny, too, in that we never had a shred of push-back in the past… Mark would announce his plan, Cherry would cry and hug his wooden body, and Mark would explain that “this is his job, and that his job takes him away from home periodically…”


Looks like the snowshoe rabbit, still out of range, has yet to take on his summer coat (still?!?) and is toying with a Lynx, still no doubt famished after whiffing repeatedly in his attempts to eat Beaver…