I guess danger brings out the ???

…I don’t know what? in Carina… She has been utterly transformed- from science nerd/lackey to Cave-Vixen…  Watch out Mark, you know you aren’t very good at non-verbals- you know, reading people??  You are sort of a literal chap, and as Carina tilts her head to the side and compliments you on your, um, skills, she’s circling you like a predator sizing prey… and baiting you, in the last panel, to know whether you are a vain and insecure sort, needing to rise and take the bait!  …even after Mark exhibits his typical modesty (“I do a bit of…”)   But this remains the greatest plot twist so far- not getting shot at and blown up, but watching Carina go from “handsome” to “hot…”  But then I’m a guy, and I’m probably in the Target Market to which James Allen is looking to appeal.


Anyway… so yes, after a bit of gratuitous mountain climbing within a cave system, and for that matter how much of anything in this strip isn’t gratuitous, we are continuing to wonder where this is all going.  It all started with the desire to create a public service information piece on White Nose Syndrome in bats, and so far we haven’t seen a single damn one of them…  so what’s up with that?…