What? Is it Blind?

Or…  Just doing what Rhinos do?  And this is not the only animal that has had it out for trees… Remember the Wild Boar on Abbey Island?  Or, with its horn is still intact… could it be a refugee from the first time we encountered Dirty Dyer?


So as Shannon wins the “Name THAT Animal” prize, we are left to wonder, “What circus ever had a Rhino in its menagerie?”  Seems a little off… by about half a bubble…  Well drawn though, I am focused on the skin, which reminds me of one of my favorite “Just So Stories” from Rudyard Kipling- How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin…  There is a wonderful audio/video version read by Jack Nicholas (Score by Bobby McFerrin.)  I think I enjoyed that more than my daughter back when she was a tike…