It’s all about the clicks…

We used to be confused as to/ in what time-frame these strips appeared… There would be evidence of newer technology, like cameras with memory cards, alongside cars without seatbelts and head restraints…  Not to mention the “timeless” nature of the clothing and hairstyles…  But just like when Mark had to put down that awful pipe at some point, we are now embracing the internet and social media in a way that has never happened before in the Trailverse.


As for the “Mekong Marauder,” this is a direct ripoff of a River Monsters episode from Animal Planet…  a 2015 episode entitled “The Mekong Mutilator.”  I like this guy, Jeremy Wade.  Just a touch sensational, but at the same time educational…  I’d be a little more careful, James Allen.  This seems to go beyond “Fair Use.”