I guess Dr. Camel didn’t know…

…that wherever Trail goes, trouble follows!


By the way, who is driving the SUV?  Looking back, I now see that it’s Dr. Camel that has his hands on the wheel, not that he is to blame in this situation…  But good heavens, this is more than a simple blow out…  Axle, tie rods, strut, everything has come unstowed on this vehicle… without much in the way of a back-up.  Don’t these trips usually involve a caravan of sorts?  Well, perhaps they have a way to communicate… if Camel is all he says he is on social media, then they shouldn’t have to wait terribly long for someone or something to come to their aid.  Perhaps one of the thousands of couch-riding “slackers” will hop-to!  Maybe SIRI is listening and they will suddenly be overwhelmed by offers of alignment services!