Move over, Mary Worth!

“And get off the set, Dr. Phil!” There’s a new team in town to guide and support people under stress, and who….oh, wait. It’s just Mark and Cliff. I reckon Mary and Phil can keep their jobs. But Diana, you might want to contact those Mary or Phil, instead of pouring your soul out to these two blockheads! But is this stunning news, Jules?  Shouldn’t Mark be jumping up and down and howling with merriment at this point? Ah, but Mark is still The Good Guy. Good guys don’t kick you when you’re down, do they? Anyway, we already have enough soap opera comic strips.

I don’t believe non-fungible tokens are actual money, by the way; but unique digitized images you buy using real or virtual currency.  It’s an investment fad, in other words. We’ll see what Rivera’s primer has to say.  Frankly, if Diana is getting paid in NFTs, she should keep a very close watch on the market and sell her NFTs during the next NFT spike. Clearly, she needs a new “partner” who isn’t trying to fleece her, which seems to be the raison d’être why people make and sell NFTs.

So, is Diana’s crisis going to be a significant side-trip in this story? Will it quickly be knocked aside by ongoing events? Or, will Diana take the dramatic step to actually abandon the zebra mussel assignment and effectively leave the storyline, completely? I’ll hold all bets, but cash only.